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The Brands We Represent:


Brisbane, Australia 

Launched in 2005 by guidebook author Brad McCarthy, MAXTRAX are an instantly recognizable 4WD innovation relied upon by expedition leaders, special forces soldiers, and weekend warriors alike. Proudly manufactured in Australia from Australian materials, MAXTRAX is the innovator and leader in vehicle-specific recovery boards. 

Johannesburg, South Africa


Indeflate is a South African-invention that inflates, deflates, and balances two or four tires simultaneously. We think it’s the easiest way to change your tire pressures, and can be done while standing. Just connect each hose to your tire’s Schrader valve, slide the valve and Indeflate takes care of the rest. 

Two Hose

Four Hose

How It Works:

#1: Deflate

Available in two or four tire configurations, Indeflate quickly and securely attaches to the tire’s Schrader valve. Just slide the patented dump valve and relax. 

#2: Inflate

Slide the dump valve the other way to inflate your tires. We include a standard Schrader valve on the bottom of the Indeflate so you can inflate from any air source, anywhere. 

#3: Balance

Indeflate’s design naturally balances the pressures of all tires it is attached to. This results in better handling, more even wear and increased fuel economy. It can even transfer pressure from a spare tire in a pinch!

MSA 4X4 Accessories

Gold Coast, Australia 

MSA 4X4 Accessories is renowned for creating some of the 4WD Industry’s most innovative products. Whilst the company has remained true its roots with quality canvas storage products, they now form only a small part of the complete range offering of MSA 4X4 Accessories.

MSA 4X4 pride themselves on their original products which include the world’s first, revolutionary patented Drop Slide, the patented Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System which delivers a whole new level of access to the drawer contents, the Fridge Barrier system, the original Water Bra, and an extensive range of 4WD accessories that have stood the test of time in the toughest conditions on Earth—the Australian Outback.

The Original Drop Slide

Available for almost every popular 12V fridge, the MSA Drop Slide is a game changer for camping out of your lifted vehicle. With nearly 12-inches of drop, it’ll make your fridge usable again. 

The Rear Tire Bag With A Lifetime Warranty

MSA 4X4 launched its rear tire trash bag in Australia 2003, setting a gold standard for quality and durability. Made with UV resistant materials, it wont turn itself to trash when it sits in the sun. 

Gear For (Organized) Travel 

Because the little ones need to be organized on the adventure, too.