Weighing in at around 250 pounds, the GFC is the kind of camper you’d want if you like going fast while actually being able to use your truck…for trucky things. The core of the GFC is a powdercoated steel space frame that has three integrated gullwing sides (great for access) a low-profile roof tent that has a modular floor which allows you to hunker down when the weather isn’t peachy and enter from inside.

Why Did We Buy One?

We wanted a warm place to sleep that served well as a basecamp for photography. More practically, we needed weather-proof storage for our gear now that the inside of the cab has essentially been taken over by Dakar the dog.

Our favorite part of the Go Fast Camper, and the reason we decided on it, was that it didn’t ruin the character of the truck it lives on. The Raptor is really great at going fast, but it’s a bit of a one-truck pony in that regard, as it has a terrible payload capacity (we’re talking under 1,000 pounds before passengers.

The simple mantra of GFC fits well with a truck like this, as you can barely notice the 250 pounds in the back, and it’s quiet too, only raising wind noise by a modest amount. I’d have to imagine that’s why they’re so popular with the Toyota Tacoma as well, which shares an equally terrible payload.

Installing the Go Fast Camper

Because we needed an excuse to drink a few beers with Graeme and Ross, we decided to shoot north to Bozeman, Montana to get our camper installed by the boys who design and build them. There’s no better way to understand the thought process behind a product than to see it being built.

When we arrived, Go Fast Campers already had readied the camper and they had it waiting for us inside of their heated shop—an essential touch in the Montana winter.

What we didn’t know is that Go Fast Camper actually builds each frame specifically for the model of the truck it goes on. For our 2018 Ford Raptor (and other 5.5 foot bed F150s) they actually consider the measurements and the layout of the truck to create something that is as low-profile and as sleek as-possible. The fit is nearly perfect.

The install process is relatively simple, consisting of just a few steps:


Having secure, weatherproof storage adds so much functionality to our truck, and the ability to sleep on top of all of that gear makes so much sense.

The real winner is how easy it is to use the three gullwing sides on the Go Fast Camper. Just pop two lockable latches and you’re able to get access to all sides of the truck. I found it ideal for everything from stashing my tripod while out taking photos, to throwing a set of muddy boots in the back without having to open the tailgate.

Wind noise and loss of fuel economy was a concern for us. We really enjoyed the quiet interior of the Raptor and the good average fuel economy it returned to us. While we did notice an increase in wind noise, it would only be a few decibels at most—the kind of noise change you’d expect from a more aggressive set of tires. Most-surprisingly, our fuel economy has remained unchanged, and we actually averaged better MPGs on our return trip, though it should be noted that’s pretty subjected.

GFC As A Photography Basecamp

On our way home from Go Fast Campers in Bozeman, we decided to explore Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National park in the early Winter. It’s one of our favorite places on the planet, and most-certainly one of the best spots for wildlife photography in the United States.

While waiting for some clouds to clear at the famous “Mormon Row” overlooking the Teton Range, the GFC offered a really great respite from the frigid temperatures. We fired up the Mr. Buddy Heater and it really took the edge off of waiting. The Go Fast Camper’s modular floor created the perfect standing desk to check some Bison photos I had taken earlier.

I love the easy-to-access gull wing sides, as they were large enough to swallow my fully-assembled tripod without issue, saving me time—especially if I find something I need to shoot fast.

The Final Word?

Go Fast Campers is a Montana-based manufacturer of truck campers. But they’re not the old-man truck camper with wood-textured aluminum sides that you’re used to. There’s no stove, no dinette, actually, there isn’t even an interior. In essence, the GFC is a truck bed canopy with a high-end roof tent grafted on—and that’s why we love it.

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