The vehicle based fridge is not a new concept, but it is something that is becoming increasingly popular in the vehicle based adventure market, and the every day user. Whether you are into Overlanding, camping, or you are just someone who frequently needs access to chilled goods (we’re looking at you Little League Dad’s), vehicle fridges are an incredibly useful tool to have at your disposal.

They are unfortunately, not the most easily accessed devices. Often, fridges are top accessed as chests, and off-road vehicles ride higher off the ground, making through-the-top access even more vexing. Their large size also means that they cut severely into what space is available inside your vehicle – a pain point we all know intimately.

The Drop Slide, originally designed and patented by Australian manufacturer MSA 4×4, allows you to maximize the potential of your fridge, by mounting it to a set of rails and a drop mechanism. Getting access to your fridge is as simple as pulling it out like a drawer, and then releasing the drop handle upwards. Your fridge is now closer and easier accessed to you for all of your campsite adventures. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and steel, the MSA Fridge Drop Slide is built for surviving the rigors of the Australian outback.

MSA 4×4 has a wide range of sizes supporting all major brands of fridge manufacturer. Gone full Aussie and are rocking a tray bed or a canopy? MSA 4×4 also manufacturers Side Drop Slides for a 90º rotated orientation.

Interested in learning more about how a fridge slide could change the way you use your fridge? Learn more on our product page here.