MAXTRAX Mini + JaxBase Combo

The MAXTRAX Mini and JaxBase Combo offers a single MAXTRAX Mini recovery board with a single nesting MAXTRAX JaxBase. Both are manufactured in Australia from our proprietary fiber-reinforced, engineering-grade nylon. MAXTRAX Mini is a dedicated recovery board with 44 reinforced teeth and an easy-to-grab handle on each side, while the MAXTRAX JaxBase takes the Mini one-step further by offering a reinforced backside with a recessed cutout to create an extreme-duty lifting platform for Hi-Lift® style and other off-road jacks.

In this product listing, MAXTRAX JaxBase is sold as a pair with a MAXTRAX Mini Recovery Board. 


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MAXTRAX Mini – JaxBase Combo Set

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Back – Jack Lifting Platform

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Front – Recovery Board

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This combo kit includes one MAXTRAX Mini, and one MAXTRAX JaxBase Board for a total of two total recovery boards that perfectly nest together.

Made from the same proprietary fiber-reinforced, engineering-grade nylon as our inconic MAXTRAX MKII recovery board range, the MAXTRAX Mini family is roughly 3/5 the size and is intended for UTVs, Subarus, Crossovers, and those who just don’t have the space to mount full-size MAXTRAX.  The MAXTRAX Mini + JaxBase Combo is the perfect recovery kit for those that need the ability to self-recover and change tires in adverse conditions.

Those looking for the ultimate setup can add a set of MAXTRAX Minis which will nest together perfectly for a total of four recovery boards, with the JaxBase nesting perfectly at the bottom. . 

The reinforced back of the MAXTRAX JaxBase has a large indented area in which to place the baseplate of your jack to ensure that it cannot slide or move under load. This indented space accomadates Hi-Lift® style and other off-road jacks, along with many factory bottle of scissor jacks. To ensure durability, we’ve tested the JaxBase with everything from our legendary (and incredibly heavy) 6X6 Land Cruiser, to advanced armored military vehicles weighing in excess of 15,000 lbs over the course of several years. The MAXTRAX JaxBase is a multi-use recovery tool that is a fully-fledged recovery board ontop, with an extreme-duty jack base on the reverse.

The safety of the JaxBase as a platform for your off-road jack comes from the 44 teeth which are submerged into the ground after weight is put on them, creating an incredibly stable platform on which you can lift your vehicle in the worst conditions. In the same way that MAXTRAX grip your tires to lift you UP and OUT in a recovery scenario, these very same teeth are keeping your jack safe and planted.

We’ve designed the MAXTRAX JaxBase to nest within all other MAXTRAX recovery boards (Mini, MKII, and Extreme), always lining up with the center handle to make it easy to carry in a high-stress situation.

  • Made of UV-stabilized, flexible, super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon, MAXTRAX provides traction and a firm base to get your vehicle quickly back on track.
  • Each MAXTRAX JaxBase weighs just 5 pounds and is easy to carry with two built-in handles. Thanks to its signature double-edged design, it’s easy and quick to position under your tires.
  • JaxBase is designed to support your jack in extreme conditions—soft sand, mud, snow, gravel and more.
  • MAXTRAX JaxBase will nest in-line with the center handle on all full size MAXTRAX products.
  • MAXTRAX Mini has two comfortable built-in handles and a shovel at either end for removing excess earth to help get you unstuck quicker.
  • They also have exclusive keyhole accessory points to allow you to securely mount your MAXTRAX with our Mounting Pins.
  • We’ve partnered with Axia Alloys to produce a tube clamp MAXTRAX mount to work with most UTV roll cages.



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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 4 in