MSA 4×4 is a major Australian manufacturer of 4WD accessories designed to make your life easier and less stressful. They’re known for two things: as the inventor of the original portable fridge drop slide, and as being absolute perfectionists when it comes to the gear they release—offering a lifetime warranty on almost everything they sell.

But let’s cut to the chase, MSA 4X4 will officially be available on US shores this February (as soon as our container arrives!).

Initially we’ll be stocking the big sellers that MSA 4X4 is known for, such as drop slides, standard fridge slides, and their award-winning canvas goods like their rear seat organizers, and best-in-the-business rear tire trash bags.

How It Happened

After meeting Shane Miles, MSA 4X4’s owner and founder, at Overland Expo last year, we slowly but surely started talking about the possibility of Adventure Imports offering their products in the United States.

We’re a huge fan of Australian 4WD products and firmly believe that some of the best innovations relevant to the overland market are coming out of the country. Why? Because they’ve been doing it forever and the market is huge. 4WD Touring (as they call overlanding) is a national past-time in Australia and you’re going to find more people who go camping with their 4WDs than those who don’t. The economics of that result in a competitive market where innovation has a financial reward.

It’s the small details that made us decide MSA 4X4 was a good fit for Adventure Imports and our customers. Like how intuitive the drop slide is, and the little extra bits of stitching they put into the canvas goods they sell to ensure they last.

USA Durability Testing

Before we shelled out the cash for a container full of products which we had limited experience with, other than using on the MAXTRAX fleet of vehicles in Australia; we set out to get a limited supply of the gear to personally use, abuse, and critique on American shores.

We fitted an MSA 4X4 drawer system, drop slide, and a bunch of other gear to the Adventure Imports 80 series (@woodstockthe80) and proceeded to take it to Moab half a dozen times, and down the Baja peninsula to give it a fair shake.

It was our first time using a drop slide in one of our personal vehicles, and while we initially thought it would be a bit cumbersome, MSA 4X4’s intuitive design makes it easy to use and now we couldn’t imagine traveling without one. There’s simply no other way to realistically use your fridge when it’s sitting inside a vehicle on top of drawers. With the drop slide installed, the fridge is at the perfect height and easy to access.

The real champ here is the MSA 4X4 Rear Wheel Bag, which put up with all of the nasty winter weather in Colorado, and then a few thousand miles of rugged driving down Baja during the holidays. I’ve found that the occasional pressure wash keeps it looking fresh and new. Also, we’ve detected ZERO fading or issues with UV exposure, and we live at altitude! (Did we mention it has a LIFETIME warranty?)

Drawers Coming Later

Unfortunately, aside from the Land Cruiser 200 series, MSA 4X4 doesn’t make an engineered drawer system for any USA-spec models. That means we’re having to start from the beginning over in America and design systems to work the right way.

Luckily, MSA 4×4 is so dedicated to the USA market that they’re sending Shane Miles over to personally design and fit systems for common models like the Tacoma, 4Runner, Jeep Wrangler, and more.

We’ll keep you updated when these systems are available—for now, all we can say is that they’ll blow any other similar-style drawer system out of the water.

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