MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Boards

MAXTRAX MKII: The World’s Best-Selling Recovery Board


Often imitated, never duplicated, the now-iconic MAXTRAX MKII is proudly Australian-made from our proprietary Australian-sourced fiber-reinforced, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon. This is the recovery board that has won nearly every 4WD Magazine comparison ever done, including those by well-respected outlets 4X4 Australia and Overland Journal. The MAXTRAX MKII is so durable it can be wrapped completely around a 33-inch tire and return to shape, as tested at the University of Queensland through a special hydraulic device. 


MAXTRAX MKII is the best recovery board for non-commercial use and its durability has been proven over its over ten-year manufacturing run. The 88 reinforced fiber-nylon teeth are highly resistant to wheelspin and feature a higher melting point than most off-road tires to ensure a good mix between saving your tires, and saving your recovery equipment. Six easy to use handles allow you to take advantage of dual ramps on either end with dual shovels to clear debris from underneath your vehicle and infront of your tires. MAXTRAX MKII was the first product to receive our patented Keyhole mount, and is 100% compatible with our MAXTRAX Mounting Pins which easily interface with almost every major roof rack and bed rack on the market today. 


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