The Indeflate two hose unit is not just another Overlander’s over-engineered gadget, this pneumatic workhorse is here to put in long days and its built to be dead nuts simple. But what is this octopus in a bag? It is a two-in-one INflator and DEflator, that allows you to air up/down and equalize two tires simultaneously and hands free.

Milled in South Africa from a solid block of aluminum, the one piece housing uses a knurled mechanical dump valve to switch between airing up and down. A simple slide of the mil-spec anodized collar directs the flow of air through the system or out to the atmosphere. A precision 100PSI pressure gauge is wrapped in rubber and feeds two premium rubber hoses with quick release chucks. Supplied in the kit are three clip-on air chucks and a canvas storage bag.

Airing up or down, especially if you have big tires – is a tedious task. The nature of compressing or releasing air changes its volume pretty significantly, so it is not uncommon to have wide variances in pressure between your tires. Take the effort and guesswork out, but hooking up two tires at once to equalize their pressure and get the job done. The huge dump valve will air tires down as fast as air can escape through the schrader valve at the tire, and a hook on the back lets you hang the distribution block up for easy visual reference as you wait on your compressor to bring your equalized tires back up to street pressure. 

Have a substantial onboard compressor and a vehicle that uses matching pressure in all four tires? Adventure-Imports also carries a Four-hose version for a one-stop=shop for all your tire pressure needs.

Learn more about INDEflate at its product page here.