Caleb Wallace - July 14 2021

Rebelle Rally Contingency Program

Rebelle Rally Adventure Imports Contingency Program MAXTRAX

Image: Richard Giordano

Adventure Imports & MAXTRAX US are excited to announce partnership in the first ever Rebelle Rally Contingency Program!

Competing teams must be using MAXTRAX gear throughout competition to qualify in the contingency running.

Prizes are as follows for overall competition standings:
1st place team running MAXTRAX: $1,000
2nd place team running MAXTRAX: $500
3rd place team running MAXTRAX: $250

In addition, there will be a MAXTRAX Spirit Award presented to the team who assists the most stuck vehicles using their MAXTRAX. Not only will this team receive $500, their chosen charity will receive a matching $500.

Adventure Imports is honored to be a continual support in the Rebelle Rally throughout the past years of competition. 

Rebelle Rally Adventure Imports Contingency Program MAXTRAX

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